International Workshop: Child Poverty, Public Policy and Democracy

CROP (The Comparative Research Programme on Poverty) is a programme of the International Social Science Council (ISSC), hosted by the University of Bergen. 

CROP, in collaboration with Equity for Children/ Equidad para la Infancia, FLACSO (Mexico), IIJ-UNAM, is organizing an International Workshop on “Child Poverty, Public Policy and Democracy”. The goals of the workshop are threefold:

• To evaluate critically and comparatively the current knowledge and public policy that impact the reduction, prevention and/or eradication of child poverty and inequality;

• To distribute the contributions in English (CROP-Zed Book, London) and Spanish (FLACSO, Mexico) after a thorough process of peer review

• To consolidate the efforts of the “Work Group on Child Poverty and Welfare”, jointly developed by CROP and Equidad para la Infancia.

For more information, visit here.

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