Global Summit on Childhood, 10-13 April 2014

Global Summit on Childhood, 10-13 April 2014

What is childhood like in your nation, region, community?

 The Association for Childhood Education International is seeking individuals who would be willing to address the experience of childhood in various nations during Special Breakout Sessions at the Global Summit on Childhood. 

The Global Summit on Childhood is an excellent forum for presenting about the unique perspectives and life circumstances that affect and enrich childhood in your communities.

This summit will offer a platform for sharing a wide variety of viewpoints, ideas, and information from all around the world. ACEI welcome presentation proposals on practice, policy, and research from a variety of sectors, including universities, government agencies, schools, nonprofit organizations (NGOs), research institutes, and associations. They are seeking diverse perspectives that address the Voices, Vision, and Visibility of Childhood from multi- and inter-disciplinary perspectives, including:

Childhood Sociology
Child Psychology
Cultural Anthropology
Child Development
Childhood Studies
Social Work
Public Policy
Public Health
Health and Human Development
Urban Planning and Development
Cultural Studies
Child Rights Law and Protection

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